Why do you want to learn affiliate marketing?

If you've got a piece of paper and a pen handy, write down your answer(s). My bet is you probably answered something along the lines of: 'It looks like an easy way to make some money on the Internet.'

You're right! Affiliate marketing can be a very easy way to make money online. However, you should know from the start that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme! Talented affiliates can generate wealth, even get rich, but they do so by taking affiliate marketing seriously and treating it like a real business.

This mindset of commitment is crucial and is at the heart of affiliate marketing basics. Far too many people just play at affiliate marketing like a hobby, then wonder why they aren't making real money. The answer, of course, is that doing things halfway. only gets you half the results. In fact, it's often a great deal less than that. Read about some basic of starting the business from SuccessMillionaireTipe from where you will able to gain idea.


So, what does it mean to treat affiliate marketing like a real business?

First, it means being willing to invest in both the tools and the knowledge needed to run a successful online marketing campaign.

So, here's another affiliate marketing basics corner stone. Top affiliates tend to invest in:

  • Unique domain names for each niche market they want to target
  • Web hosting to set up their own web sites under those domain names
  • An auto-responder service for collecting opt-in leads to an email list, to which the affiliate can send follow-up email promotions.
  • Education and training in Internet marketing fundamentals. like copy writing and traffic generation techniques.

Don't let this scare you off. These tools and resources are inexpensive. They're also easy to set up if you have basic to intermediate proficiency with computers.

You will notice in the list above I refer to your web sites and not to your blog. That raises an interesting issue about web sites and blogs.

Now, let's talk about another aspect of affiliate marketing basics.

Successful affiliates have something in common: they've learned to think strategically. In other words, they do their market research and formulate their plan of action before they ever launch their marketing campaign. In the old days, when there was less competition, you could get away with being lax regarding market targeting. You could even get away with not having a proven method or business plan behind your campaign. These days, however, that just isn't so. Your mindset should be selective, and your focus should be on achieving domination in one niche market at a time. This takes patience, but it is an approach that will pay off greatly in the long-run.